Rubicon Consulting

We offer dedicated online and in-country programmes for our corporate clients.

Each offering is customised to client requirements.

A general listing is shared below. Do get in touch with us at and we will be happy to have a detailed discussion and tailor deliverables in accordance with your specific requirements.

Continuous Development Programmes

  • Executive Development Programme (EDP)

  • Managerial Development Programme (MDP)

  • Professional Development Programme (PDP)

  • Supervisor Development Programme (SDP)

Leadership Programme (can be customised to all levels) 

  • Coaching & Counselling

  • Dealing with Difficult People At Work

  • Dynamic Leadership

  • Motivation Skill

  • Management Skill

  • Supervisory Skill

Personal Development Programme (can be customised according to level or Industry)  

  • Analytical & Creative Thinking

  • Communication & Influencing

  • Customer Service

  • Emotional Intelligence At Work

  • Negotiation

  • Positive Attitudes and Habits At Work

  • Presentation

  • Problem Solving & Decision Making

  • Self-Realisation & Self-Actualisation

  • Time Management

  • Workplace Communication

In-House Training Topics

Personal Development

  • Analytical and Thinking Skills

  • Business Writing

  • Continuous Development Programme (CDP)

  • Communication

  • Inter-personal Skills

  • Leadership and Management

  • Presentation

  • Stress and Time Management


  • Customer Service and Sales

  • Finance and Accounting

  • Human Resource

  • Logistic Management

  • Manufacturing Production

  • Office Management

  • Project Management

  • Purchasing and Supply Management

  • Quality, ISO and Six Sigma

  • Training and Development